Focus Area / Working Group: Cultural Heritage

Preservation of Cultural Assets by Effective Management

In times of social changes historically coined centres stand for identity and continuity of history and are at the same time an important location factor in the economic and touristic competition of cities and countries. Due to the fact that historic built volumes represent a non augmentable and irrecoverable resource an innovative management is necessary whilst dealing with the built environment.


Therefore in future times the European research policy is going to support additionally the development of environmental technologies, to which also the technologies of preservation and evaluation of historical buildings belong that need to be integrated into a long-term and sustained building management.



Tasks of the Working Group

The task of the working group Cultural Heritage is the formulation of practical oriented and realistic research tasks for future time initiatives in the range of preservation of cultural assets.
The research demand detected on the German scale shall be represented in the ECTP in order to be considered adequately in European research programmes.

This requires initially the composition of a multi disciplinary network consisting of architects, engineers, monument conservators, scientists and craftsmen as well as representatives of relevant industries. The development of new and innovative examination methods, improved repair and preservation strategies and the introduction of an effective management of cultural assets is promoted in the following work fields of the work group:


  • Non-destructive diagnostic procedures
  • Materials
  • Energy and Environment
  • Modernisation strategies
  • Building management
  • Catastrophe management
  • Public relations and education

For further information please contact the chairman of the working group Cultural Heritage, Mr. Dr. J├╝rgen Frick.