Welcome to the GCTP!

The "German Construction Technology Platform" is a platform for research and development in civil engineering. Its aims are the support of building research and therewith the building in Germany itself.


The GCTP wants to represent the interests of the German building industry during the development of European research programmes by the ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform). This is taking place especially in the fields of cities and buildings, underground construction, sustainability, health and safety, infrastructure and building materials, protection of historical monuments and information and communication technology.

An initiative of the German Construction Industry, supported by:



  • Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie
  • Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes
  • Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik Verein
  • Verband Beratender Ingenieure
  • Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen
  • Verein Deutscher Zementwerke